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Sith Preservation is a guild in the 'Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG' on 'Darth Malgus' Server. The Sith Preservation is a mixed themed guild consisting of: PvE content, PvP content (Both openworld and warzone), Roleplaying and so much more! The Sith Preservation, was forged before any of the expansions for which the guild has flourished through each one of them. As the guild reforms and creates it's canon, new pages will be added along with updates to existing pages.

Dread Palace


The Sith Preservation guild is open to all. Message one of the leaders in-game. Though all are welcome, those who do not input or are not active will be removed allowing for more productive members. While we're social and welcoming, we strive for our own progression.

World First

Latest activity

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